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Chalice - Robin McKinley The first thing you’ll notice about Ms. Mckinley’s work is the grace with which her stories traverse the pages of her novels until they reach their conclusion. Chalice was no exception. It is a coming of age story. Of not just self-discovery but a realization of the world and the limits it imposes on you. As Mirasol grows into the role she is destined for, you grow along with her. The world building is detailed but does not overwhelm with the intricacy with which it is created. None of the characters are flat – in fact, some of the non characters are the most compelling in the entire story. The relationships are subtle and as such extremely evocative. Plus, there is the richness of honey. The history of it and the close relationship Mirasol has with it, gives it an almost divine importance. It was a beautiful book. I enjoyed it.