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One Land, One King

One Land, One King - Yasser S. Hassan One Land One King is Hassan’s debut novel and this might explain a certain rawness about his prose. This rawness, however, does not keep the story from being compelling. There’s a certain solemnity, a gravity that the characters are effused with that reaches out through the pages and paints the readers until they too are feeling the same nervousness, the same shortness of breath that the actual characters might be feeling. Hassan is particularly creative in his creation of the Knights and the King, giving them certain different attributes that elevate them in separate ways as being wholly essential to the world they live in. Though the plot is a bit formulaic, it strives to keep the narrative moving. A note though, that while the characters are individuated, they need some more work for them to transcend their two dimension existences and become fully formed in the minds of the readers.It was an interesting read; thought provoking and immersing. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Hassan comes up with next.