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Anya's Ghost

Anya's Ghost - Vera Brosgol I found to Anya’s Ghost to be a delightful short read that accurately showcased a girl’s attempts to fit into a culture that is not native to her. Being an immigrant myself, I found it easy to relate to Anya’s actions and, while not exactly condoning, understand why she thinks the way she does. The art is beautiful and though I’m not really an expert where comics are concerned, I do know what I like and I liked the art in Anya’s Ghost very much.I also thought that the portrayal of the ghost and the gradual realization Anya has about it (her?) was very well done. Anya’s Ghost was a sensitive read that tackled many different themes such as assimilating into your adoptive country without losing (and alienating) your native culture. It also talks about friendship and regrets. It is a beautiful coming of age story that preserves comic elements and makes it one of the more fun reads out there. If you’re looking for a graphic novel that amuses you and leaves you thinking, you need not look any further.