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Goliath (Leviathan Trilogy)

Goliath - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson Goliath delivers a brilliant conclusion to an amazing trilogy.I am not as familiar with Westerfeld's work as I'd like to be but if the Leviathan trilogy is any indication of his writing prowess, I think he'll be climbing up in rank in the list of my favourite writers. Anyway, on to the review.Each novel in the trilogy has successfully deepened the complexity in the plot and the relationships between the characters. Goliath magnifies the primary hostility and tackles some very pertinent questions that obstruct their happily ever after, whatever version they seek. Alek and Deryn become more delineated and their feelings for each other are portrayed by the things they do for each other. The sacrifices each makes for the other, especially in Alek's case, is very revealing of a love that is not discussed explicitly and resonates even more strongly because of that fact.I felt that Goliath was the strongest book in the trilogy, if only for the fact that it ties up all the narrative threads satisfactorily. I don't know what else to say, guys. If you haven't read this trilogy yet, you are missing out. There is warmth, humour, ambition and a lot of life in these three books. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good story. (And it's a very good introduction to steampunk if you're just getting into the genre.)