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Shadows (Rephaim)

Shadows - Paula Weston Paula Weston’s debut novel Shadows, the first in a series, is about angels. To be specific, waters, nephilim (though they do not call themselves that) and features a main character who is a bit older than the heroines who usually populate young adult novels set in North America. She’s also far less angelic than you’d expect but she has the angst down pat. As Gaby remembers, she lost her twin brother in a car accident not too long ago and she’s still coming to terms with her loss.The novel does not bring anything startlingly new to the table. The mythology is familiar and I will not lie, I did sigh a bit about the never dying nephilim. However, the organization of the “good” angels versus the “bad” angels is very interesting. I thought it was anyway. There are differences in ideologies and philosophies, a hint that not everyone has been forthcoming about certain important matters and the very real bad guys, that is the demons, who present a very large and tangible threat – enough that all angels/nephilim unite to fight them.The most appealing thing about the novel is the narrative voice. Gaby is an engaging main character and Weston very quickly makes her relatable to the reader. There is tons of chemistry and lots of pretty boys around – the upstanding citizen nephilim as well as the resident bad boy nephilim that Gaby cannot help but kiss (I don’t blame her, he sounds hot). There’s even a human boy. So lots of romance. There is friendship – genuine friendship and some mean girl-ery (I’m resigned to the mean girls, yo, they are a standard feature now).I liked this novel. Quite a bit. It was very easy to read and very entertaining. It wasn’t out of this world but it does present angels in a slightly different way than usual. I am certainly looking forward to the sequel because I want to know where the brother is. Or rather, what happened to him. Do I recommend it? Definitely. It’s entertaining and a whole lot more fun and better written than some angel novels out there. Trust me.