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The Unquiet

The Unquiet - Jeannine Garsee If you are looking for a really creepy novel where ghosts are not the benign Caspers that populate kiddie cartoons, The Unquiet is for you. It’s supernatural elements are truly frightening and the atmosphere evoked does a lot to create a sense of fear and hesitation as the narrative hinges upon the unknown. What I mean is, you don’t know where the narrative will go next. The Unquiet contains one of the most malevolent ghosts ever. The ghost as a backstory but that does not in any way give the ghost any sort of humanity or softness that you would otherwise expect.Rinn is a compelling character and through we get to take a closer look at neurological disorders. She has bipolar disorder and a history of not taking her medicine. What makes Rinn’s circumstances perfect for this story is that even when she tells the truth about the ghost and its antics, no one will believe her because she has already been there and done that. They will think she’s delusional as a result of her disorder.I wasn’t too keen on the romance though the love interest was pretty immersing. This would make a perfect Halloween thriller. I can imagine the tunnel and the swimming pool, gaping in the distance…eerie and waiting. And the ending is just as terrifying. Do I recommend it? Well, do you feel like being scared?