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Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy Series #1)

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly I love it when different aspects of a book cohere to form an entirely readable and totally entertaining novel. Initially, I had some reservations about this book because honestly, how many spins can you give the Angel plot until it starts to get old? However, Weatherly’s reimagining of the paranormal genre’s latest love is masterful. Honestly, I was surprised. And surprise is almost always a good thing in a book. I won’t give away what the surprise was but suffice it to say that you will never look at angels the same way again. Ever. Weatherly has taken some very modern perspectives and married to the divine to create a new breed of angels who may make you think twice of going into the light.What I also appreciated about this novel were the two main protagonists. Oftentimes you get a male lead who is not at all respectful of the distance and space that is required between two people. A male protagonist who is able to be human while being cool, flawed but not to an extent that his interactions with the female protagonist are troubling. I’m quite happy to report that Alex is nothing like Patch that. Willow is an interesting mix of spirit mixed with vulnerability which comes from her issues with her mother and aunt. She’s an interesting character and while she does need help occasionally (who does?) and does have the tendency to martyr herself (or a predilection for goodness?) she is still a character that I can like.The novel is paced just so that you can almost feel the wind in your hair as you skim through the pages and are transported from one scene to another with danger, intrigue and the smouldering looks in between to keep you happy. It’s a solid novel that has all the essentials necessary to make an entertaining novel: good plot, interesting characters, ambiguous villains and car chases. (I’m just saying that it would make a good movie.)What interested me more than that was the question the book posed: What things have humans deliberately blinded themselves to because to believe (and to see) would mean questioning everything you have been told and so far had faith in?What I’m trying to say…it’s a good book. Read it.