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The Dark Light

The Dark Light - Sara Walsh I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I initially picked it up because it came with glowing praises from Keertana. I don’t think the synopsis does justice to the novel, honestly, because if you are as wary as love triangles as I am, you will be pleased to know that the love triangle barely exists – in fact, it doesn’t. Not in this one anyway though one discerns from the ending that the love triangle will figure enormously in the second in what I believe is a trilogy. Mia is in possession of one half-brother (or so she thinks) , one uncle and a mother who is languishing away somewhere in a prison (no details given). She also has some kind of vintage necklace that she is remarkably careless of. Honestly, even though you don’t know (or like) your mother, the necklace is hers and you’d think a girl would know better than to drop it not just once but twice. Come on now.Sol is delicious in a very alpha-male but gentle-man kinda way. He is refreshingly devoid of all “I am Man. I am a YA Hero. I Stalk You Because I Love You.” No, seriously, it’s become common enough to become a trope on its own. I should know. Romances aside, the world building is very interesting. There were parts where the author would have done better to show rather than tell (as in the waterfalls of somewhere that Sol tells Mia about and Mia spends time dreaming about) but the portions of the novel spent in the city, in the underground caverns and even in the valley were well created in my opinion.The ending does not really gel with me. I understand why it was manipulated to end the way it did – so that we can have books two and three with a love triangle thrown in – but I honestly would have preferred if the book had ended with Mia staying in this alternate world and fighting the battles as they came. Because honestly, the world Walsh has created is so fascinating that I would much rather spend time in there than in the real world no matter how hunky Mr. Perfect is.On the whole though, I enjoyed the novel. As I said, Sol is delicious and Mia is not a “save me, you hunk of beautiful flesh” except for the inability to hold on to her mother’s necklace, that is. Would I recommend it to you? Hm. Sure.