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Stormbringers (Order of Darkness)

Stormbringers - Philippa Gregory I gave it a fair chance but three strikes in the early pages have me DNFing it:1. The writing is surprising amateurish considering that the author is a bestseller. 2. The use of " Insha Allah" is incorrect. Dear authors, if you want to use a word or phrase from a language not your own, do some research and find out not just what it means but the context in which it is used. The phrase "Insha Allah" means "if God wills" and is used in sentences about the future usually like "It's going to be okay, insha Allah." Or, "I'll pass the exam, insha Allah." 3. One of the characters, Frieze, pulls off his hat only if the fish wives are prettier which is admittedly a small thing but it annoys me, the implication that the physically unattractive are undeserving of courtesy.There would probably have been more had I continued reading but I don't have the time to read books that annoy me.