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Warped - Maurissa Guibord I read some mixed reviews so I started the book a bit nervously. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised. I didn’t pay as much attention to the writing because I was too busy reading as fast as I could so I could find out what happens next. I liked the fact that for once the best friend is in on what’s going on and is not treated (much) like a second hand citizen in the Grand World of the Female Protagonist. And I also liked that the love interest, while a jerk, was justified in his actions and, in fact, did not stalk/threaten to kill/spy (on) the heroine. The pacing was well done and there were some suspenseful moments that made the entire story seem like an exhilarating ride. The best part though? The author totally left some strings untied so that the next book in the series will have a brilliant premise. If you haven’t read this yet, I suggest you do. It’s fun, it has a sweet romance and wonderful characters.