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Wildthorn - Jane Eagland Wildthorn presents a journey of a girl who dares to be different, dares to be an individual in a world where gender expectations are set, almost in stone. Louisa loves to learn, has a curious inquiring mind and an ambition that is at odds with her gender. In fact, she is considered unnatural because of her bluestocking tendencies. These factors (amongst others) serve to have her incarcerated in an asylum. I think this portion of the book is particularly well done as the author manages to portray the sense of helplessness and the frustration felt by Louise in a very realistic manner. The book is at times compelling, so compelling that you read like lightning and at others it makes you unwilling to continue because you are not sure if you want to know what happens next. But always you are helpless but to read on until you reach the fairly satisfying conclusion. And oh, I must mention that I love the cover. The fact that it is a corset which basically represents oppression in women is a delicious subtle manner of speaking about the subject of the book without being explicit about it. I love the symbolism.