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Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz While the debut novel by Ms. Shultz does not exactly break barriers and cross into new boundaries where YA PRN romances are concerned, it does bring to the genre a fairly slick story. Emma is a likeable enough character, Brendan is personable (read: not a stalker) for a hero containing all the elements so necessary for a hero to be heroic…er, yes. The plot, while clichéd at times, is compelling enough to keep a reader interested. Because you are aware that there is going to be a happy ending, you are free to enjoy the ride. I hope this is not the first of a series because I was totally satisfied at the ending.What I had trouble with, and this is totally subjective, was the use of “soul mate” to describe Brendan’s importance to Emma. This is the Nafiza who went through a very harsh semester when taking Creative Writing classes – stuff like that is anathema to Creative Writing profs, let me tell you. Anyway, I can’t read that “soul mate” part without cringing. It’s trite and, okay, I will say it, cheesy.Also, the trigger to the end was stupid. What I mean is… you know how you are watching a slasher movie and the girl goes stumbling in the dark when she hears a sound and you are screaming.. YOU STUPID!!!…yeah? Well, there’s a part like that in this book. What I mean to say is that the plot device that moves the story to the climax makes me think that I overestimated Emma’s intelligence.These thoughts aside, the book did genuinely entertain me and you should have fun with it as long as you go in with no expectations of literary revolution.