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Kill Me Softly

Kill Me Softly - Sarah Cross Oh, the writing in this is like silk. Or satin. Or something smooth that glides on to your skin and makes you feel all pretty. It just flows so prettily that I wanted to hold it in my arms and squeeze it tightly.Okay, I’ll stop being creepy now.Kill Me Softly builds a fantastic world. I love fairytales. I love them a lot so Cross’s portrayal of town inhabited by modern time fairytale creatures blew my mind. There are Snow Whites, Beauties, Beasts. It made me realize what fairytales would look like if taken out of their original context and placed in a contemporary situation. Imagine being a modern day Snow White, waiting to die/fall asleep for a hundred years. Gives a new spin to the story, doesn’t it? As you already know from the creepy beginning, I thought the writing of the novel was fantastic, the world building was just as amazing and the plot was clever.I liked the characterizations and I hope, I really do, that this is a series because I would love to read about the rest of the people mentioned in the novel. All the other inhabitants of Beau Rivage. Kill Me Softly would have been a total winner with me except for some very essential (in my opinion) points:1. The Parents. You will know what I mean so I won’t say any more about them.2. The protagonist. If you stay with a guy whose very kiss is killing you slowly, you are a stupid head. No seriously, you really are. I understood the context and I understood the fairytale but it didn’t matter to me at all because I have a very strong survivor’s instinct no matter how dreamy the love interest.3. The ambiguous feelings. I love him! No, I love HIM! No, no, I must love him. Yeah no.4. I kinda liked the prince. Or the guy who is loved by squirrels. I really liked him. :Those are the only complaints I had with the novel but even if the main story didn’t gel with me all that much, it was a pleasure to read simply because the world Cross has created is so entrancing. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. Recommended.