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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey I liked this. Which means the heroine didn't annoy me too much. What I found jarring was the heroine's obvious coldness towards her birth parents in the beginning. While the author attempts to explain it, it still rings a bit unrealistic considering the emotional drama that is attached to being adopted. That said, there's this sense of levity about the whole book which means you can't take the book as seriously even in situations which are obviously serious. I think it's the tone and the fact that some of the characters seem to be parodies of the usual stereotypes. The romance is.. annoying. There are too many extras and too much hesitation and the conclusion is too brief. I would understand if this was part of a series but as a single book, I think the author spends too much time in conflict and not enough on the conclusion. The side characters weren't well developed at all and basically their existence was simply to colour in the main characters lives and actions. It wasn't a horrible book by any means, in fact, it was a lot better than some of its contemporaries. I just think it could have been a whole lot better.