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Burn Bright (Night Creatures, #1)

Burn Bright - Marianne de Pierres Burn Bright brings a different set of creatures to the YA fantasy table. Creatures that are shrouded by the night, that are beastly and creatures that are infinitely more dangerous than Retra and her cohorts are aware of. There is a freshness about Burn Bright that will resound pleasantly especially with fans of the YA fantasy genre. Ms. Pierres has successfully wed high fantasy to elements of modern fantasy to create a novel that is highly entertaining and sufficiently intriguing to keep the reader anxiously awaiting the next installment.Retra may not be the perfect protagonist but she's a very promising one. When we meet her, she is scarred by her previous life but she is very much like a blank canvas waiting for her life to be written on her, waiting for her experiences to paint her whatever colours they may. The story itself is reminiscent of a young adult version of Never Land where kids go to party. Where the only requisite is that you "burn bright." The writing and the pacing, the atmosphere and the plot all work together to create a splendid read. I also liked how there was no "I love you forevahhhh" deal. There may be in subsequent installments but so far, we've been spared the mush. Anyway, I recommend this. It's a very entertaining read.