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The Nightmare Affair

The Nightmare Affair - 3.5 Goodreads really needs to make half stars possible!The Nightmare Affair will appeal to fans of Hex Hall. It’s breezy, snappy and quick. The characters are interesting and the pace is fast. Things happen quickly and there is no languorous rehashing of events that occurred for lengthened periods of time. Dusty is a fun character and as alien as her species is to the average human, she is remarkably easy to relate to. Her non-relationship with her mother is fun and her friendship with her best girl friend is also fun. I also appreciated that the mean girl actually has a reason to be mean. I also liked the whole school full of supernatural, a boarding school at that. It’s very easy to suck me into a story that features a boarding school.Now for the things that I had trouble with. The love interests. Eli is obviously one of them though his part in the entire triangle is implicit rather than explicit until at the end. The other boy – it’s just that it is so obvious what is going on with him that Dusty’s failure to question and suspect him throws her into a rather bad light. Her eagerness to believe the worst of her mother is also troubling because the author did not build up their relationship in such a way that I would accept Dusty’s heartlessness where her mother is concerned.However, I did enjoy the novel overall. It had interesting characters, a strange world and a relatable protagonist. I see myself reading the sequel and enjoying it if Dusty doesn’t go that doom and gloom and oh my God, I’m so tortured by my romantic woes business. Do I recommend it? Well…do you like Hex Hall? If you do, chances are you will like this one a lot.