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Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - I quite liked this for a while. I think up till about 40%, I was enjoying it a lot and then it somehow began to fall apart for me. Here’s the thing, I really like Applegate’s books. I loved Sharing Sam and have read it countless times. I haven’t read anything of Michael Grant but people seem to really like this Gone series so I figured I was in safe hands. And I was, to a large portion, I was.The concept is really unique and the characterizations are well done. The fractious relationship between Eve and her mother is very intriguing and Solo presents a mystery I would have liked to delve into. I felt that the narrative veered off course when Adam appeared. The world building, too, was not as strong as I would have liked it to be and there is a whisper of more but it remains a whisper and Solo’s vendetta against Evening’s mother goes nowhere.I was not a fan of the romance in this book. If it had been Solo alone, yeah, but there’s Adam and then there’s some insta-love thrown in. We are basically told who Eve prefers rather than being shown and this detracted a whole lot from the entire story. I felt that the latter part of the narrative is suddenly thrown together and that people who weren’t even present for most of the narrative suddenly are important and the readers are being demanded to accept things that have no basis or given any foundation prior to the reveal. I read something by Patricia C. Wrede the other day where she said that authors have to be careful to not throw readers out of the narrative by flaws in their world building. For me, this occurs during the whole dilemma where if Eve “built” Adam to be her perfect mate, there should have been no way she could have resisted him. If she does resist him, he is not her perfect mate. Know what I mean?Do I recommend this? It was an okay read but it lacks a coherence (in my opinion) that ties up everything together. If Solo is prepared to go against Eve’s mother, why hasn’t he prepared a place for himself outside the medical facility? Ah, there are many other questions like this one that makes reading this novel a bit of a challenge.