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Hourglass - Myra McEntire So I see that I gave this four stars. I must have liked it a fair bit. I've been wracking my mind about what to say. And so far, there has been a constant refrain of "hmmm..." punctuated by the sound of the little boy down the street screaming his bratty heart out.Hmmm.I read this book at a point when I had begun to despair of ever (ever) finding a readable YA book again. Perhaps that explains my absolute gratitude (oh the stars shone and there was a choir of angels singing so beautifully) when I started reading this book and found it to be readable. I mean, the sentences flow as they are meant to! The heroine does not send me into convulsions that comes from the realization that it is impossible to kill a fictional character. It was readable. The cover is amazing. Totally amazing. Thank you genius cover making people. Your skills are lauded.I like the twists and turns in the book. It's fast plot wise and would make a decent movie I believe. The inclusion of science to explain the mythology while not exactly innovative is certainly welcome - and well thought out. The relationship between the brother and the heroine is just as heartwarming as is her relationship with her sister in law. The pseudo parents since the original ones died. Something you'll find out a lot more about.The best friend deserves her own story since she is so darned intriguing. I actually hope the second book is a companion novel and not a continuation because I want to know what the best friend's story is. You know what I didn't... no, more like couldn't get into? Michael Weaver and Emerson's passionate romance. The more the author told me he was hot the more I resisted. Even when the best friend goes into Cat mode and gets her hunt on (for the guy before Emerson goes, "Um... no, I got dibs"), I'm still resisting. You know how there's a courting period? Exchanging of looks, shy smiles, conversations full of innuendos? Well, it might have been there in the book but it felt to me that it just became too serious too soon. And the guy's a bit of a douchebag, keeping secrets and everything. And to be totally, open my heart to you honest, I am totally batting for the second guy. (Of course there's a love triangle, would it be a YA novel if there weren't?) The other guy whose name I can't remember is totally loveable. And reminds me of a puppy. I like puppies (not wolves aka Jacob). And that whole "I did not tell you this earth shattering fact because I want to protect you from the big bad world?" Yeah? SO OLD. Like... honestly, Lancelot is not my hero. The adulterous bastard. And guys who try to act chivalric often end up looking like asses who don't trust a woman to protect herself - of course this is all personal and not something the book actually says. But. Um. Yes. And Emerson honey, when there's a strange guy in your room, a strange older guy, please tell someone? Cuz that plot thread is disturbing in so many ways. It turned out that I had a lot to say about this book. Heh. The final verdict... it's entertaining, readable (thank God) and a lot of fun. Right after reading it, you will be singing its praises to whoever picks the phone up. But after the high of the book has faded and you land back on earth, there might be a little surprised "Oh" coming your away.