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Everneath - I liked this but I had some reservations about it. Fantastic Bits:1. How Nikki's emotionally vulnerable state is portrayed. I thought that Ashton did a fantastic job maintaining that and the character (and her emotions) were consistent throughout the novel.2. The pacing, plotting was fantastic. I predicted the twist but still, it was well done.3. Jack and Cole were interesting foils to each other. Actually, I appreciated that Nikki was very clear about her feelings for Jack in the latter part of the novel. Not so fantastic bits:1. Nikki's dependence on boys. When she finds Jack supposedly cheating on her, why does she not run to her best friend? Okay fine, she wants Cole to take away her pain, but still girl, you are doing the same thing you think your boyfriend did. I think Allison of The Allure of Books said it best so read her review for a clearer, more concise picture. 2. Everliving. It's a personal thing but ack, I hate that term. It's just me.Other than that, the book was very entertaining. It hits you in all the right places and makes you care about Nikki and her plight. And hey, I'm actually looking forward to the next installment.