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Insatiable - Meg Cabot Before we begin, let me just say that I am usually a fan of Meg Cabot and I like her light-hearted YA works. I like the interesting perspectives with which she works and I also admire the freshness she infuses in the genre she writes in. Therefore, I was looking forward to being wildly amused and entertained by Insatiable. And for the first hundred or so pages, I was. The dialogue was snappy, the pace fast and as for the characters, I figured that as I read, they would gain depth. Only they didn't. Meena remains completely two dimensional and cliched throughout the story. She asserts that she loves Lucien but her words sound hollow. In fact, they don't just sound hollow, they get up and dance the disco hollowly. (Is that even a word?) Anyway, her love must not mean too much because she has all sorts of feelings for Alaric (who we'll get to later)and all it takes is for Lucien to turn into a dragon (oh come on now, she's the heroine of a fantasy novel, I expect some guts and loyalty) for her to get so scared of him that it takes Alaric to tell her to stop being a stupidhead. I'm sorry, if you "love" him, you should be able to move beyond your fear. And, her own brother shot the man she supposedly loves and yet there is no sort of depth to her feelings, no complexity, no conflict, nothing that signifies any sincerity in her "love" for him. She finds it ridiculously easy to leave him which makes me feel that her so called love wasn't "love" at all but lust. Lucien - "the prince of darkness." He was composed of cliches: Gorgeous, Rich, Powerful - oh but he did lack one very important quality. Arrogance. Ego. He fell for Meena way too easily and I don't understand why because there's nothing even remotely interesting about her. (Apart from the fact that she can tell when someone is going to die but since he's already dead, it's not going to help him out much.) And he continues to love her despite her being a total *not a nice word* to him. I don't buy that. I so don't buy that. There's no REAL conflict between them - their relationship is sprung on us so fast that instead of being charmed by "love at first sight" we are left with "I somehow doubt that." And Lucien, despite being so handsome, could do with a dose of attitude because come on buddy, attitude is sexy. Alaric might have been my favourite character out of them all. He certainly was the best characterized. With his quirks and way of thinking - his utter bafflement at his feelings for Meena (me too, dude, me too, you could do so much better) and his love for luxury, he was well defined. However, the fact that despite being a pig to Meena, pushing her around (literally), he still gets the girl (sort of), turned me off him. There's nothing heroic about a barbaric man. Even if he does rush into a gathering of Dracul to save your ass...well, okay, maybe slightly. The book lacked depth, characterization and relied almost wholly on cliches or the upsetting of these cliches to move the book forward. Evil brother trying to take over the world - yeah, how original. Church scene, hostages, multiple heroes - oh wow, be still my heart. Completely stupid heroine, with powers - wait, are you sure we're not talking about Twilight? Of course, we aren't. Because in Twilight, the heroine does not *(unfortunately) choose the wolf guy while in this one she does choose Wulf.