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The Adoration of Jenna Fox

The Adoration of Jenna Fox - Mary E. Pearson I liked this book. I really did. Told sparingly with haunting moments of introspection on the meaning of being human, The Adoration of Jenna Fox sets itself apart from the rest of its genre. I liked how Jenna has an other-worldly feeling about her, as though she is something more or less than human. This remains a mystery which when finally revealed pushes everything else into place. I liked how the atmosphere was built and how friendships were developed slowly. I also liked how the romance was handled. It was not earth shattering but another thing to be considered in the grand scheme of Jenna's life. I particularly enjoyed the conflicts between Jenna's parents and herself. It brought up many pertinent issues regarding parents and their sometimes unrealistic demands of perfection from their offspring. So, see, I liked all this. The writing, the pacing, even the plotting (mostly) was just right.However, what I did not like (a lot) was the ending. I found it too abrupt and it caught me entirely unprepared. I was neither prepared nor did I wish for the time jump. It felt contrived as though the author had deliberately decided to start over and the only way she could do this was by jumping ahead. I really didn't like that. And unfortunately, the time jump left a bad taste in my mouth and that's what I ended the book with and as such, the rating reflects the ending and not really the entire novel. Would I recommend the book to you? Yeah, sure. It's interesting and a quick read. Quite similar to the Skinned Trilogy by Robin Wasserman, I believe.