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War for the Oaks: A Novel

War for the Oaks - Emma Bull I was recommended this novel by a blogging friend and she told me that this laid the foundation for the urban fantasy genre that is so popular today. And let me tell you guys, this book? It’s still relevant today. The protagonists and other characters in the novel are slightly older than the usual high school leads of the normal YA genre but this just gives the book a whole new dimension (and more freedom) to develop and explore.Eddi is an interesting character. She’s layered and complex enough to sustain the narrative and keep it strong without falling into cliches (like being the good girl) or (misunderstood but totally lovable). The mythology is well developed and thought out so that it convinces the reader of its existence. The atmosphere created in the book is tense and anticipatory with periods that are almost startling at their lack of tension. The dialogue is snappy and the dynamics between the characters fun.There is a love triangle and it’s a very interesting one with the end pairing being one that is very unexpected but very welcome. I don’t have much to say about this book except that it sets high standards for all the books in the genre. In other words, it’s awesome sauce and you should read what started this whole teenage frenzy (no, it wasn’t Twilight).