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13 to Life (13 to Life Series #1)

13 to Life - Shannon Delany I read this quite a while ago so I’m sketchy on the details so forgive me if I’m not very specific. I remember liking the book without expecting to – which is why I decided to review it because I have not seen many reviews on it and I feel that many more people should read than perhaps they have. I think Jessie’s character does ask the reader to accept something that is almost impossible for a person to believe. That kind of forgiveness…might only be found in books but I suspended my disbelief because it’s a book and I’m not reading it so it mirrors reality. That said, I was very much engaged with Jessie and “the hot new guy” and their relationship was charmingly simple except when Jessie started doing her Saint bit again. It sort of becomes infuriating after a while. Why wouldn’t these people just speak about it? Out in the open? Bring it out and say what needs to be said. The mythology is interesting though not exactly as well developed as it can be but since it’s the first in a series, I reckon there’s time enough for a deeper focus on the mythos. I just hope that Jessie gets her do-gooder side sorted out in the next book because honestly, it has the potential for making me too angry to continue reading. Or you know, I would love a ferocious cat fight. That would be awesome. And some guilt for the gray character, please? That would be awesome too. Either ways, this is an interesting book. And worth a read.