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Flying Blind (Dragon Diaries Series #1)

Flying Blind - Deborah Cooke So I will be honest. I did not expect to like Flying Blind as much as I did. I mean, I had just finished reading Eona and how could two books, both about dragons, be brilliant in a row? I usually am not that lucky.But this time, I totally was. Because Flying Blind? Rocks. In a totally different way from Eona but it does. I expect you have read the synopsis and therefore know that we were dealing with shape shifting dragons. Or dragons who can take humans who can take dragon forms – or is dragons who can take human forms? Are they more dragon or are they more human? Two different species…and this is a debate more suited for later.So Zoe is supposed to be the only female dragon in existence. She has all these supposed powers, is supposed to meet all these expectations but the unfortunate thing? She can’t even turn into a dragon. At least not when we meet her. Flying Blind creates interesting mythology and marries the supernatural and the mundane together to tell a coming of age story. Zoe is a likeable character – even when she is being less than likeable. I like how she grows throughout the story. She faces the demons she has to and she learns to let go of her own prejudices. She develops as a character and as a person. And the reader gets to watch it all unfold in front of her.The love interests are interesting. No, there is no love triangle (thank jeebus!!!) but there are definite lessons learned where love is concerned. There are friendships (!!) between girls (!!!) and I love how Ms. Cooke does not take the easy way out and bank on the stereotypical Mean Girl to create a rival. I think I gave the book extra stars just for that.The conflict, the resolution and the dangling bit at the end which is not a cliff hanger but a teaser that will segue into the second book perfect – these are all reasons that I totally loved Flying Blind. I also liked the camaraderie and how the entire resolution does not rest on one person’s shoulders but is a conjoined effort.I totally recommend this to anyone who likes good stories.