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Defiance: A Strange Angels Novel

Defiance - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow Okay. I'm giving up on this series. I've gotten this far but I just can't do it anymore. I can't stand Dru. No, that's not even it. "Stand" is too pallid a word to correctly describe my reaction - should I say, rejection of her? In the last book, she was a limp noodle being saved by all and sundry which was aggravating but bearable. In this installment, she becomes a bitch. Her own word, not my own. Admitting that you are a bitch does not excuse it. Does not make it any more acceptable. There's barely any plot - wait, we are gearing up to rescue Graves, that's the plot. Right. The way she treats Christophe is beyond horrible. There's not a single likeable trait about this girl. She's going to "bloom." I've been told that a million and one times. And from skipping ahead, I see that she finally does in the end...but her actions, her words, her incessant justification of her words - they have made me so sick, I seriously can't read another page without I don't know, throwing something at someone. Her continuous vacillation between Christophe and Graves...is a bit sickening. Yeah, I had a visceral reaction to this book. I mean, I understand you are a kid, you have uncertainties about your future but for fuck's sake, make up your mind on who you are going to moon over because as a reader, I can't very well swing like a pendulum. I hope she chooses Graves because I have a soft spot for Christophe and I think he can do much better than a girl who slaps him to make a point. I mean, what is it supposed to show? That she's grown some balls? ARGH. I'm so annoyed I can't even. Okay. Before trolls start jumping down my throat, this? Is my opinion. If you didn't like it, that's cool. We are different people and we have different reactions to books. But don't presume to tell me that I can't review something I haven't read. I'm reviewing the part that I have read, the part that convinced me that no, I don't want to keep reading. All right. I shall go read something else to take the bitter taste out of my head.