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Raven Calls (Walker Papers Series #7)

Raven Calls  - C.E. Murphy It took me a longer time to get into Raven Calls than all the other books in the series because, for some reason or other, Joanne’s incessant flippancy and snark annoyed me. I don’t know why. Maybe my reaction is a reflection on my growth (and evolution) as a reader than any indication of the book’s (and Joanne’s) ability to entertain me. Either way, I found Joanne to be slightly too brash and irreverent for my tastes this time around. However, I still like her and maybe it is because there was a distinct lack of Morrison in the picture to bring out her vulnerable side which made her snark a bit too much too stomach – you know, her vulnerability brings on the snark. Snark without reason is no fun. Anyway, I’m getting too immersed in this little detail which does not have much bearing on my overall enjoyment of the novel.While it took me time to get into the story, once things started happening, they happened with so much speed that I was left whirling at the end. The entire novel takes place within one day. I know, I’m a bit shocked too. Joanne finally comes to terms with her mother and there are particularly poignant scenes when she has some tough realizations and understands that the hard wall she has built around herself may be hurting her as much or even less than it’s protecting her. There are some goodbyes said here, some hearts broken, some promises fulfilled and others made. There is a sisterhood, there is friendship, belonging, family and hell, there is Gary who is awesomesauce.All in all, this novel succeeds in pulling Joanne closer to what I believe is the end of her journey. Things are happening and I don’t think Joanne is going to get much time to breathe before she has to set off on her next adventure which may or may not involve Cernunnos and her father. Speaking of Cernunnos, I like Morrison as much as the next girl, but this God person (being?) is certainly sexy in his own right. I wonder how the story between him and Joanne plays out and whether Murphy will conclude the series giving us a picture of it or if we will be left wondering. I hope for the former but expect the latter because to me, it seems that she is pushing for an ever after in some screwed Joanne fashion between Joanne and Morrison. And I am totally fine with that except that, you know, I want my cake and I want it too. Because, come on now.Anyway, back to the book. Raven Calls is a solid installment to an already fun series and I expect that fans of the series will walk away feeling very satisfied with it. I know I was happy at the end despite the whole snark thing at the beginning.