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Royal Street (Sentinels of New Orleans Series #1)

Royal Street - Suzanne  Johnson Suzanne Johnson debuts into the urban fantasy genre with Royal Street that I liked with some reservations. I liked how Johnson opened the novel. It’s thrilling, clever and sexy. I liked how Drusilla is characterized and I liked the world building. But most especially I liked how sincerely Johnson relates the devastation in New Orleans. There is a skein of sadness in her words that I felt keenly. The loss of lives, the loss of the buildings and to a large extent, the loss of the history contained within the now destroyed streets and city of New Orleans. The pacing is quite brisk and the writing is not an impediment in any way. Oh, the action is also nicely narrated with tight sequences that don’t jump out at you as being illogical and unlikely. Drusilla is a strong character and I liked that.However. Yes, you know that it was coming. What I didn’t like about this novel was the love triangle. It was unnecessary and seemed like a literary technique used to create some sort of romantic suspense that, honestly, the book just doesn’t need. It is also distracting from what I presume to be the main romance of the novel and just sets up the narrative for some messy but very contrived future plot sequences that we have read in other novels. Plus the fact that the two guys vying for Dru’s affections are cousins? Just makes it worse.I wish Johnson had gone for friendship rather than some sort of romantic entanglement with the cousin. I would have loved to see how the dynamics of that triangular relationship worked. As it is, I’m a bit wary of reading the next novel because I want to read about the awesome world Dru is in, what the supernaturals are up and just the general intrigue that the book presents in such a refreshing manner. I do not want to read about the intricacies of Dru’s intentionally messy love life. Will I read the next one in the series? Yes. I liked this book well enough that I am willing to give it another chance. Do I recommend it to you. If you like a good story and you don’t mind love triangles, I say go for it. The book has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment.