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Story's End

Story's End - Marissa Burt I rather liked Burt’s middle grade debut and wanting to see how the story ended, requested this one from the publisher. Perhaps it is because it was the ARC and the finished copy are somewhat different; perhaps the finished copy has been edited and is revised far more, but the story I read, while it retained an echo of the charm present in the first one, felt rather choppy and more cobbled together than a novel being sent out to reviewers should feel.First there was that instance when you begin reading and you don’t recognize the characters, the plot or anything. A year has passed since the release of the first novel and usually the author spends some time recapping the events of the past book in whatever manner they choose to do so but I usually appreciate that they do because I, more often than not, forget what happened in it. I don’t foresee that being a problem for anyone reading the books after both of them are released but for anyone who read the first book a year ago, it may be better to go back and reread it before you read this one. I didn’t have time to do that so I was discombobulated for a good third of this book.Then, too, there are the choppy bits. The perspective switches felt abrupt and I think a lot more could have been done with the fantastic world that was created than was done ultimately. The relationship between Snow and her mother was fascinating. I was convinced that Snow was adopted or something like that because of something her mother said but nothing came of it. In which case, the cryptic comment was unnecessary and frustrating. The villains were strangely flat and had no deeper motive than just greed – this affected Una’s character too as her inception from these characters though presenting intriguing discourses on nurture vs. nature again felt rather unfinished and undeveloped. The ending, too, felt sort of anticlimactic. It felt rushed and there was no proper resolution reached.There was a lot of potential to this novel and I did enjoy it to a certain extent. At the same time, I felt the potential was not fully explored. The world is rich and populated by such interesting characters. So much could have been done; there were so many directions the narrative could have gone in but alas. Ultimately, even though the novel isn’t bad, it just wasn’t the awesome I expected.