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Ruined - Paula Morris A ghost story set in New Orleans. Could anything be more perfect?And as expected and anticipated, the atmosphere created in this book is the perfect mix of thrill and danger, skittering its cold fingers over your skin as you read. Rebecca is a likable heroine. Though there are instances when I felt that she crept dangerously close to being annoying, she was always saved by that something that I can’t actually find words. Morris does a great job in detailing the surroundings and setting the pace so that the reader is actually transported into the world the book is set in.The world of the rich and the narrow minded where your last name and the amount in your bank decides the amount of respect people give you. The book illustrates a very dark side of humanity and showcases the depths to which people are willing to sink to in order to save someone or something that they care about. Rebecca’s relationship with her cousin is refreshingly simple and uncomplicated though other relationships hover for a while into cliche until they make direct descent into it. I didn’t mind it that much actually. The book doesn’t promise anything new and radical where the portrayal of relationships between girls is concerned. I did like the ghost though. She was well layered and complex. The poignancy that clung to her translated well into the heavy feeling in your heart as you found out her story.The most trouble I had was with the love-interest. I despised him entirely and I wasn’t entirely sure why Rebecca still liked him in the end. I mean, I can’t say more without giving it away but seriously. He was not hero material. He was not even second hero material. He was an ex-boyfriend, a moment of folly material. Ah well.Either ways, the book was entertaining. The plot was a bit predictable and the characters weren’t always gripping. However, Ms. Morris does tell an intriguing ghost story that will keep you reading until you reach the end.