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Extraordinary - Nancy Werlin I’m not going to lie. The main reason I wanted to read this book was because of the cover. Isn’t it simply gorgeous? The vibrant colours, the scent of liberty – the green. It almost makes you want to find a field just so you can run in it. It also reminds me of home – Fiji – though admittedly, we never were this lush green. This seems more of a Canada green. Anyway, I got distracted by the cover but whoever made it deserves a lot of credit.On to the stuff between the covers. That is, the story. It gives a person a lot to think about but in the end, does not deliver what the cover promises. I guess what I’m trying to say is that…my inability to connect with the main character in the novel left me detached from the story as a whole. And less than impressed. To make things clear, I have no problem with the writing. I just could not handle the characterization of the main characters. They did not feel fleshed out and real to me. I couldn’t put myself in their place and make the same decisions as they did during the expanse of the novel.I liked the sisterhood thing between Phoebe and Mallory – I thought that was a really brilliant and innovative idea. However, Phoebe wasn’t much of a character. I understand that she wasn’t totally functioning with all her facilities being glamored as she was by Mallory’s brother (oops? but you’d have figured it out anyway) but I need some sort of spark in the main character. She was way too dependent on her mother and she didn’t have that…what’s the term…joie de vivre? Maybe? Yeah, she just did not evoke any sort of answering emotion in me. And I did try. Believe me.Mallory’s brother? The less said the better. I swear the character is cut out from cardboard. I understand what the author wants to do with him but a villain is no fun if he isn’t having fun being evil. And this is not to say he has a bleeding heart. He doesn’t. He just…is…annoying. The romance is so contrived you lose whatever little respect you had for Phoebe. I mean, come on. She is the main character, give her some fighting spirit or something. The ending is too late to redeem the book. 350 pages of annoyance will not be taken away by a chapter or two.I was just really disappointed. I wanted to like this book so much and in the end, I couldn’t. The premise is promising and the idea has potential but the execution is very disappointing. The cover though? It’s still fantastic. And will remain so. I gave it three stars for the cover alone.