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Once Dead, Twice Shy (Madison Avery, Book 1)

Once Dead, Twice Shy - Kim Harrison I really did want to like this a lot because hello, it's written by Kim Harrison and I love her Witch series. But - yes, of course there is a but, when I was reading the book, there seemed to be a disconnection between the author and the main characters - maybe it was because she was writing about teenage characters and trying to conform to the way she thinks and talk, I don't know, nevertheless, there was this certain forced feeling in them. I was disappointed that she chose to stick to the cliches of popularity etc without trying to redefine the stereotype as she always does in the Hollows series. Not that it will stop me from reading the other book in the series but still, I wish she had gone with her gut and made Madison more gutsy and snarky in a unique way.